Questionnaire for the creation of a sales page

You want to achieve these results with your sales page?

  • Sell products or services automatically
  • Sales Page becomes your new „online salesman“
  • Create high-conversion advertising campaigns
  • Create a customized customer journey
  • Erhalte mehr Klarheit über Angebot und Zielgruppe

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SEO Briefing

„If your business were a story, what would the blurb be?“

The basis for a good sales page is clarity about the target group and the offer. We create this clarity with the help of the customer hero journey and the creation of your personal storyboard.

Customer Hero Journey Template:

A hero has a problem and meets a mentor who gives him a plan and calls him to action that avoids failure and ends in success.

Create your storyboard now

1.0 Hero

Hero (= target group)

2.0 Problem

3.0 Mentor

4.0 Plan

5.0 Action

6.0 Failure

7.0 Success

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